What Are Corrupt Energies?

What Are Corrupt Energies

Ah, corrupt energies. One of the banes of my very existence. I have found these little blighters to be more numerous than I would like to admit. But the question I suppose many may be wondering is: What are corrupt energies? Well, I feel I need to answer this question in two parts as there is an explanation of what they are and what people believe they are. First up, let’s look at what people’s beliefs on this matter are. 

Firstly, there are those who do not believe in corrupt energies. These are not just those who are not spiritually or religiously minded but those who believe that there is no such thing as good energy or bad energy and it all boils down to one’s intent as the energy is directed. Which is great if you believe this and focus on things happening for a reason or that they are just technical faults or bumps in the road that you are journeying on. 

Secondly, there are those who ignore them, don’t believe in them or fear that acknowledging them will bring into their life. These people tend to blame a lot of various things on themselves or on technical faults and those around them. 

Lastly, there are those like me who not only acknowledge that corrupt energies exist, but also want to learn about them in order to deal with them and work towards clearing them out of our lives. We believe that whilst these energies are negative and corrupt, that they can be transformed into that of a more positive nature if it is meant to be by the will of the Creator – it’s just a matter of figuring out how.

So, in this instance, corrupt energies have become this way over time and it is a gradual thing most of the time. Such an example is an aspect of Zeus that I have had dealings with in the past. By aspect, I mean that this is a part of the being that is revealing itself and not the whole entity. This aspect, I found out to be a form that was demanding a form of sacrifice, be it animal or human. I don’t believe in animal sacrifice, let alone humans, so I worked on discovering where this aspect came from. 

Turns out there was a cult in Ancient Greece who would sacrifice adolescent boys to the lightning god in order to appease him for their dark magic practices. Such sacrifices had corrupted part of the entity that is Zeus and as a result it had become part of the whole being. I banished this from my life quickly by bringing in the whole energy of Zeus and as such I was able to clear it out. As this corruption was caused by human choice, it would have taken quite some time to have this corruption take place. 

Other times there are corrupt energies that are simply galavant throughout the Cosmos with no real agenda except to cause trouble. They will manipulate energy such as electricity, radio waves or wifi signals so that they do not work or are interrupted. They find this easy as that is energy just like them. Such corrupt energies also want to spread as much of the energy that is aligned to their vibration as possible. This way they have a larger playground so to speak. 

For example, say you are working in a retail store and you’re having a good day. Grooving along to music, having fun, enjoying your work. All of a sudden a grumpy customer comes in, grumbles away, complains and all of a sudden you’re not in a good mood anymore. Chances are, a corrupt energy has pushed this person into your life for that moment to bring you down so it can bounce around your energy field and environment. They really are like moths to a flame. 

Dealing with Corrupt Energies

There are many ways for dealing with these corrupt energies and they are often unique to the individual energy. Some ideas that I have recommended to people over the years who have found themselves surrounded by corrupted energies, of which have worked for them are: 

Calling Upon Archangel Michael

For many, this strong and masculine blue winged archangel will help to clear the ties that the energy has attached to them or their environment. Ask anyone who is ‘spiritual’ and I can almost guarantee that they can not only rattle off information about this archangel, but they would even have a story about how he helped them. (Yes, I do have a story too) 

As for bringing him in to cast out corrupt energies, burning an incense dedicated to him, such as San Miguel Arcangel Incense Sticks, can bring his energy into your world easily. This way he can do his sword swinging thing like the knight in shining armour so many see him as.. 

Calling Upon Goddess Hecate 

For some, but not many people who I have worked with over time, this torch-bearing goddess has been a welcome sight as she illuminates the truth of any and every situation. Naturally, this is often confronting for those who do not wish to accept the truth so they choose to shy away from her. 

When it comes to dealing with corrupt energies, a lot of them cannot stand the sight of the truth so lighting a red candle, of which is her colour, shines a light on them causing them to often shy away from any such illuminated space. As such, she can imbue her torches’ energy into the candle so that when the candle is lit, the space is illuminated with truth.

Calling Upon Jesus

For millions of people around the world, Jesus is an entity that is known as the ‘Child of God’ and founder of Christianity, who is known for miracles, purification and healing. For a lot of these people, he is known also as a saviour and one who drives out demons and evil spirits – a lot like in Supernatural where saying the latinised version of Christ, which is Christo, stirs and flares the demon within possessed people, though not as dramatised, of course.

When it comes to dealing with corrupt energies, a lot of people have found that a statue, crucifix or even just an image of Jesus can be enough to fill the space with a purifying energy. As such, his energy can purify and cast out the corrupt energies that hinder the journey.

 My Experience In The Now

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, which was following my rebirth experience, of which you can read here, I have been dealing with some really nasty pasties. I may have gotten the main energy out of my personal energy field, but there are still many other corrupt energies bashing on my energy field, trying to get at me. They remind me of a bunch of zombies in the good old zombie apocalypse movies who are trying to get at the survivors in the shopping malls. But anyway, they are simply a pain in the tuchus for me.

I am yet to find a way of clearing out all of these corrupt energies as I have found that no matter what I call in, they end up being influenced or corrupted by these energies. As such, I have stopped trying to call in any other entities and am focusing on myself in order to build my own energy field and power so I can be the best me I can be.

If you have had any experiences with corrupt energies or even just want to pass on some insight, feel free to leave a comment below to join in the conversation.

Safe travels, 

Joshua Sidgwick

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