Energetic Environmental Effects

Environmental Energetic Effects

Have you ever found yourself feeling physically unwell for no apparent reason? Or have you ever felt physically sick after a meal that someone else has prepared? Perhaps you have even found yourself feeling drained and tired after being in a supermarket or mall?

If you answered yes to any of these, don’t worry – you are not alone as you may well have experienced one of the many Energetic Environmental Effects.

Our physical world is made of tiny little particles of matter known as atoms. Now these tiny little particles are in everything we touch, taste, smell, see and even hear. They are what some aspects of modern science call: The Building Blocks of Reality. These atoms are energy in different concentrations, densities, frequencies and forms. Therefore, you can put your hand through water, but not through glass. Well, easily and without risk of injury that is.

Water literally vibrates at a different rate so the atoms can move aside and back again when something is placed within it – process known as displacement. However, when one leans against a window for example, they cannot pass through it as the particles are so compacted together that they are unable to move. Both water and glass may be clear, but they are incredibly different substances.

You may well be asking: ‘What does physical science this have to do with feeling ill?’ Well, here is the reasoning.

Understanding that the atoms are there for the physical things is important as we ourselves are made of atoms. Our body is literally made of trillions upon trillions of these tiny energetic particles. Let that sink in for a second there.

Now, when we ingest food, we are ingesting a physical substance, made of atoms, that our body then breaks down into energy to fuel our body. Yes, atoms run on atoms. Pretty cool, huh? This next concept delves into what is known as ‘metaphysics’ or ‘beyond the physical world’. This deals with energy, auras, chakras, spirits, spectres and all kinds of intriguing things that aren’t recognised by modern science.

In the metaphysical side of things, our emotions, thoughts and words give off a form of energy that is referred to as a ‘vibration’. When we speak, we can fall this vibration. Hold your hand up to your mouth now and say something. You can feel the vibration of the air vibrating through your vocal chords and out your mouth. Say something joyfully. Notice how light it is? Now say something angrily. Can you feel the difference and how harsh and heavy the feeling is from the angry voice? This is what our thoughts and emotions cast out to the world on a metaphysical level.

So, when you are in the marketplace or mall and you suddenly start to feel weighed down and tired, this may well be why. There would be people talking about negative or harsh things nearby that are literally filling the air with negative and dense energy. This then latches on to hosts so it can feed and multiply. Fear not though, grounding and centring or calling upon Archangel Gabriel to purify your mind body and soul are great ways to clear this out.

When it comes to the food that people prepare, it really is about cleansing the food before you eat it. Now this is incredibly easy to do, and, in many ways, it is somewhat essential. For those who have seen Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, you will know how much stress chefs and cooks can be under and the curse words that are thrown about. The show is not as exaggerated as it may seem. Saying Grace, of which is a prayer of thanks, over the meal will surely cleanse it of any negative energy before you eat it.

A simple prayer for this is:

I/We thank you, Lord/Universe/God/Goddess (whatever you believe in) for this wonderful meal.

I/We ask that you bless this food and all who prepared and delivered it from Creation to plate/bowl/vessel.

Amen/And so it is/So mote it be/Thankyou.

In doing so, you are asking the Divine to bless everyone that had a part in the food, from the tiniest atom at the beginning of Creation, right up to the person who served you or delivered it to your door. It covers everything off and cleanses the food right down to the energetic core. If you don’t do this, and the people involved have had a really bad day, you risk energetic contamination of your body. This could be as small as an upset stomach or as great as vomiting, of which is your body trying to expel the negative energy from your energetic and physical body. None of which is pleasant.

As for feeling unwell without knowing why, look at your own environment and consider these things:

  • Have you cleansed your home or office with incense or clearing sprays recently?
  • Have you been somewhere where people were stressed or complaining?
  • Have you had a rough day at work and not cleansed yourself through a shower or bath?
  • Has your wi-fi been on constantly?
  • Have you smudged yourself with incense or clearing spray?

If you answered no to any, or all, of these, then it is advised you do what you can to cleanse your energy field so you will feel that little bit more refreshed. And, if you happen to be a house that can’t live without the wi-fi on, place a piece of rose quartz crystal or orgonite nearby, or even invest in some salt lamps. This way the wi-fi field will affect you less.

These are just some things that may be affecting your environment, so look at what is around you and how you can change this for the betterment of your life and your loved ones.

You may also have run into some corrupt energies of which are amplifying the Energetic Environmental Effects. You can learn about some of the ways to deal with them in my post which can be found here.

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